World's Largest Shallow Draft LNG Carrier Delivered to Chinese Shenzen Gas

Ship builder Hudong Zhonghua delivered “DAPENG PRINCESS” , the world’s largest shallow draft LNG carrier was delivered to the Chinese natural gas distribution company.

The vessel is reported to be the first LNG carrier built expressly for Shenzen gas. The builder reports that this vessel has the shallowest draft of all the peers in its class in the world, making it suitable for traversing both rivers and the sea. Due to its draft, it is expected to be able to enter the Yangtze River Basin and the Pearl River Basin during the dry season.

The vessel is 239.4 meters long, 36.6 meters wide and has a draft of 8.5 meters with a moulded depth of 21 meters. The ship has dual fuel IMO Tier III engines which can run on LNG and Marine Gas Oil. It can transport 80,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas, making it the world’s largest river-sea intermodal carrier.

The DAPENG PRINCESS completed its sea trials on 28th December 2022. The natural gas tanks on the ship are to be built by the French company GTT, which specializes in natural gas containment systems.

The vessel has been classed by the China Classification Society (CCS) and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).