To purchase ships

  How to purchase a ship?

  If you want to buy a ship, please click “Ships for Sale”where our global members post reliable vessels on it. There are 13 ship types and 70 sub-types for meeting your requirements.

  Process: Confirm Demand→Find a Ship→Confirm Information→Inspect Ship→Sign Contract→Pay Deposit→Deliver Ship→Pay Balance

  First, you can find potential ships that meet your demands via the search box. VIP members ( Join immediately )can view sensitive information about the ship and its publisher directly.If not, a single payment is required.

  You will be able to obtain the contact information of the publisher (seller) by clicking“Contact Publisher”after searching the exact ship. And you can also entrust for ship purchase where our professional and experienced staff in SNP department will give you guidance, protect your rights and interests within the whole transaction in order to effect the deal.

  If we did not find a proper ship for you temporarily, you can click “Ships for Purchase”.