President’s Speech
Distinguished Friends,
Ever since its foundation, Shanghai JiuHe Ship Import & Export Corp., Ltd. has gone through trails and tribulations for over two decades and now become a private foreign-trade enterprise enjoying a high reputation in the ship trading field and other arenas related to ships.
JiuHe adheres to the business strategy of “based in Shanghai, facing towards China, and reaching out to the globe” and of “modernization, internationalization, and informatization”, and sticks to the enterprise spirit of “credibility, professionalism, high efficiency, and innovation”.
Taking full advantage of its location in Shanghai, which will be built into an international financial and shipping center, JiuHe actively conducts businesses related to the ship industry such as ship trading, marine transport, trade of chemical materials and energies, and E-commerce, and has achieved remarkable progresses. JiuHe is awarded the title of the "Top 100 Private Modern Service Enterprises of Shanghai".
JiuHe will always endeavor to contribute to the development of the global ship industry, and provide comprehensive services for players in ship-related industries.
JiuHe boasts a quality and professional management team, which is the foundation for it to stand out from the fierce market competition. It possesses abundant clients and ship database that cover the whole world with years of cooperation, which is the source of its sustainable development and upgrade. Besides, JiuHe owns a mature growth path and constantly innovative service modes, which is the driver of its further growth.
The growth of the marine economy and the interaction of the global economies have brought boundless opportunities to the ship industry. Taking full advantage of its strength and resources, JiuHe conducts long-term cooperation with clients both at home and abroad. It insists on harmony and co-existence, and makes contributions to the development of the shipping economy.
Let's look forward to a much more brilliant future for the ship industry.
Jason Yu, President of Shanghai JiuHe Ship Import & Export Corp Ltd.