Service Providers Entry

The Services channel of includes Valuation, Financing, Inspection, Ship Receiving &Delivery, and Import and Export Agency.

How to become a service provider on

If you are a high-quality service provider (hereinafter referred to as a service provider), we welcome you to join us and will provide you with strong technical support so that you can offer faster professional services to clients in the ship industry.

You can submit an online entry application on the Services channel, complete verification and enable service permissions as required, and then fill in business information including company profile, scope of business, charge, financial statement, cases, etc. You can also submit your application materials by contacting our staff in customer service department to help you complete the entry. This typically takes three working days to get approval.

Service providers on must meet the following conditions:

Become a VIP member (Join now).

The existence of an enterprise is verified.

Comply with national relevant laws and regulations and have formal company qualifications.

With professional technical and after-sales team support, we can provide no less than 5*8 hours of online customer service.

Accept the relevant agreements and management norms provided by

How to provide services?

Let's take the valuation service as an example. The client compares the information of the service providers on the Services channel and then clicks the button"Apply for Valuation" of the selected service provider (Figure 1) and then submits the type, parameters and contact information of the ship to be valued online. The service provider will receive an online reminder message in the after logging in. In the My Services>Applied Services>(Figure 2), you can click to view the inquiry and the details of the "application for valuation" submitted by the client, and then services can be further conducted.


Article 1 The entry and verification materials of the service provider shall be true and valid, and the use of false certification materials will be permanently rejected by our platform.

Article 2 Service providers shall not use collected personal data for any purpose other than services, and it is prohibited to sell, transfer or disclose user information to any third party. The foregoing information includes but is not limited to member name, mobile phone number, address, website data etc.

Article 3 When a customer complains, the service provider shall actively cooperate with the platform to investigate and address it.