Russian Fishing Fleet Receives High-tech Trawler


The trawler MIRAKH constructed to RS class is ready for entry into active service in the northern latitudes, according to Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The refrigerator trawler MIRAKH constructed at the end of November 2014 by ULJANIK shipyard (Pula, Croatia) will go to Norway for equipping with fishing equipment and trials.

The trawler design was engineered by Norwegian company СRAMACO A/S and tailored to Croatian shipbuilding standards. The trawler is designed for bottom and pelagic trawling and subsequent fish processing, freezing, storage, preserving and transportation. Sea endurance of the trawler is 30 days. The refrigerated cargo hold capacity exceeds 1,400 sq. m. The trawler hull sections were treated with zinc oxides at a high temperature in a specially constructed workshop to ensure corrosion protection.

MIRAKH became the 56-th vessel constructed by the shipyard ULJANIK to RS class since 1963.