Wind-assisted boxship project makes headway

A new LNG-powered 2,500 TEU boxship design, featuring wind-assisted propulsion has been granted approval in principle by the Paris-headquartered class society Bureau Veritas.

The 197m long vessel, dubbed Trade Wings 2,500 has been designed by French firms VPLP Design, Alwena Shipping and AYRO and Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI).

It fosters six partially retractable Oceanwings installed on a vertical sliding mechanism which minimizes the impact on cargo operations while the vessel is in port, BV explained. The LNG engine is designed with pure gas 4-strokes gensets offering possible the upgrade to fuels such as ammonia or hydrogen.

Alex Gregg-Smith senior VP Bureau Veritas North Asia, commented: “Wind-assisted propulsion is a high-potential solution that can contribute to the long-term decarbonization of the marine industry. We have just released new wind propulsion system rules – and this innovative design, approved in principle by BV, including a sliding mechanism, demonstrates the feasibility of wind-assisted propulsion on board container ships with deck space limitations.

“Benefitting from a coverless hatch and LNG electric pod propulsion, the design provides both operational flexibility, improved efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, complying with, or exceeding regulatory requirements.”

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