Let's get together to plan for the future and achieve long-term win-win results

  As a self-organized offline platform for the ship-related industry, Ship Enterprises Conference is initiated by Mr. Yu Jianzhen, Chairman of Shanghai Jiuhe Marine Tech Group Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by Eshiptrading.com. On December 2, 2010, the "China Shipbuilding and International Ship trading Summit" was held in Shanghai, which was also the first time for the Ship Enterprises Conference. Since 2015, this conference has been successfully held for eight sessions in Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Taizhou, Zhoushan respectively. It is aimed to attract elites within the ship industry from all over the world, open up the shipping market to the world, and provide ship-related enterprises with an exchange platform of equal communication and win-win cooperation.

  Origin of “Ship Enterprises Conference”

  Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the world economic recovery has been weak, international trade has been sluggish, and the shipping market has been relatively depressed, which has brought severe challenges to China's shipping industry.

  As a ship trading enterprise, Shanghai Jiuhe Marine Tech Group Co., Ltd. began to think about how to better share information and resources, allocate various resources, and provide accurate and professional services for ship-related enterprises. For this reason, Chairman Mr. Yu Jianzhen, established an offline communication platform " Ship Enterprises Conference ", with the principle of “Get together to plan for the future and achieve long-term win-win results”. It is committed to providing new insights and opportunities for cooperation and development with shipowners, ship construction and repair enterprises, and shipping companies so as to make ship trading more convenient.

  The success of previous conferences is inseparable from the participation of elites from the shipping industry, education and politics who discussed the industry issues, including the current situation and trend of shipping market at home and abroad, innovation, high-quality development of shipping industry, opportunities and challenges for shipyards and ship repairing enterprises, analysis of domestic and foreign ship S&P and new regulations, advantages and practices of online ship trading and business ideas from shipowners.For the interests of shipowners and shipping market, we call on shipping enterprises to collaborate with each other for a win-win scenario under new situation of shipping industry.

  History of “Ship Enterprises Conference”

  Since 2015, Ship Enterprises Conference has worked closely with shipowners' Associations, industry organizations and leading enterprises to promote links between upstream and downstream enterprises in ship shipping. Furthermore, we have successfully imported and exported more than 150 ships for Chinese shipowners and shipbuilders, which promotes mutual benefit and a win-win situation, expands the information exchange of ship transactions for the sound development of the shipping industry.

  In summary, Ship Enterprises Conference has achieved the following points:

  Enhanced communication, information exchange for friends in shipping industry.

  Experts and authorities were invited to introduce new policies, approaches and situations of the shipping industry who answered questions and offered industry information for participants.

  It brought new cooperation opportunities, new growth and trading channels for our friends with the advance of times.

  Since its establishment, Ship Enterprises Conference has shared cutting-edge industry information with ship-related enterprises. Based on mutual understanding, the conference played an essential role in seeking cooperation opportunities and profit growth in an equal and reciprocal way. Besides, we have carried out projects to deepen cooperation, which has been fully recognized by relevant government departments, members, the shipping industry and society.

  What we expect in the future

  We expect that ship-related enterprises join hands to meet the challenges to the world economy, create new development opportunities, seek new driving forces for development, and expand new space for development so as to achieve win-win results based on others’ strength and share the benefits of cooperation with the assistance of Ship Enterprises Conference under the principle of “ Consultation, Contribution and Shared Benefit”.

  To achieve the above objectives, Ship Enterprises Conference will continue to make the following efforts:

  1. In the ship trading cooperation, we will facilitate more, better and more accurate transactions tailored to clients’ needs.

  2.Based on cooperation on interconnection, we will strive to provide a faster and better communication platform.

  3. As far as cooperation with shipping enterprises is concerned, we will take advantage of golden chances to conclude transactions in a practical way.

  4. For financial cooperation, we will strive to provide customers with better financial needs and services.

  As an information interconnection platform, Ship Enterprises Conference will continue to help ship-related industry, bring new and more cooperation opportunities to them, and also fuel the prosperous development of the whole industry.