under JiuHe held the sixth  Ship Merchants Gathering on June 21, 2017 in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China with the support of Guangdong Shipowners' Association. The meeting centered on the current situation of the ship industry with participants talking about the development direction of shipping companies.

Many industry players participated in the meeting, including Ye Lun, secretary general of Guangdong Shipowners' Association, Deputy Secretary General Liang Peiheng, Chief Supervisor Lin Shufeng, Deng Jinle, head of Guangzhou Shipping Exchange, Zhang Zuyi, general manager of Southwest Maritime Limited, Lin Xiaobao, executive vice president of Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd., Lu Yuming, general manager of Guandong Bonny Fair Heavy Industry Limited, Zhang Xianzhi, general manager of Shenzhen Xiangshun Shipping Co., Ltd., Guan Liangxiu, secretary general of Guangzhou Port Shipping Service Association, Liang Hedong, chairman of GUANGZHOU SOUTHSEAGZ MARINE LTD., Guo Yuanxin, general manager of Fangchenggang Hengsheng Shipping Co., Ltd., Zhang Hantong, chairman of Shenzhen Houdemei Shipping & Transportation Ltd., Liang Guohe, chairman of Guangdong Shunde Juxian Ship Building & Repair Co., Ltd., and Zeng Xiaoyan, executive deputy general manager of Shanghai Cyeco Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

JiuHe's Chairman Yu Jianzhen made the opening speech, summarizing the industry's status quo, extending his sincere gratitude to the support and help from Guangdong Shipowners’ Association while welcoming all the guests. Chairman Yu pointed out that the meeting is aimed to gather all the elites in the industry together to communicate and cooperate to promote China-built vessels to the global market.

Then, Ye Lun elaborated on the current situation of Guangdong's shipping market and put forward his prospects. He mentioned the development of inland and seagoing vessels and the support and help from the government. He said that the association will try its best to support the further development of the industry in Guangdong and even in the whole country. 

Zhang Zuyi made the detailed analysis of the relationship among the status quo, different parties in the industry and oil prices through the situation of his own company and the characteristics of the liquefied gas carrier market in the past. He shared his precious management experience with the participants, while speaking out the difficulties faced by shipowners and emphasizing the confidence, which harvested the participants' warm responses.

Zeng Wenbo, deputy general manager of the business department of GTF Maritime Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., elaborated on how the ship financing promotes the development of the shipping industry by putting forward the characteristics, types, and risk control of the ship financing and concrete cases.

Jiang Tongli, marketing director of Guangxin Shipbuilding & Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., made a detailed analysis of the domestic and overseas markets of offshore vessels, especially the development direction and the method of market operation. He bets on the markets in the Middle East and Nigeria. The speech displayed his confidence and enthusiasm for the offshore vessel market.

Liu Leijun, general manager of SHANGHAI JIUZHOU NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., made a wonderful speech on the hot topic of how the internet facilities ship trading. Against the background of “One Belt One Road”,  the topic has drawn the attention of all the industry players.
Liu Siyuan, manager of JiuHe's dry cargo ship trading department, detailed the current situation of dry bulk shipping and carrier trading industries and put forward his prospects through his own experience and the market situation. He classified clients' buying behavior into strategic one and speculative one by taking the 50,000dwt bulker market as an example.

Gu Kangli, test & evaluation manager of CCSI Guangzhou branch, analyzed the liquefied gas shipping industry and carrier transaction market from the perspective of ship inspection while mentioning maritime conventions and related regulations.

Some experts in the industry answered the questions concerning the development direction of different types of offshore vessels, green ships and ship financing actively put forward by participants. The answerers were Zou Hailei, chairman of Guandong Yihe Shipping Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Ye Lun, Jiang Tongli and Gu Kangli.

We are looking forward to the next gathering.